Cyclones Tomas & Ului

Cyclone Tomas is our major concern as it is heading straight to Kioa and is expected to be the size of Katrina when it hits. Ului is coming from a different direction but could change course and we have a "perfect storm". They have evacuated Matt from our island since it is supposed to be a direct hit and are concerned about storm surge. I was in Suva for training so will stay here.

Matt is four floors up on top of a hill in a concrete building. The windows are parallel to the prevailing winds of the storm and all the walls are plaster. He is with three other volunteers and they have 64 litres of water between them. The hotel also has a large rain catchment. They have plenty of food.

I am also high up in a concrete building and out of the direct path and within a few minutes walk from PC Headquarters. I have cooking facilities, water and food as well.

It may be several days before we can get anywhere after it is over. The road to Kioa is 90% dirt and lined on both sides with towering trees. Our house is 30 meters from the beach and may get clobbered with a storm surge and/or wind.

We have limited phone already and the internet cafe I am in is about to close, so feel free to check these websites for updates and we will update when we can. Matt has a satellite phone and I am right next to PC headquarters, so we can call if we absolutely need to.

Please pray specifically for the Fijians to take this seriously and seek cover. Even if it changes course the thing is so big it will still make a major impact.

Please also pray that the recovery effort will be swift and effective.

We miss and love you.

Kelly Roy

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