Cyclone Tomas Update

Thank you for your prayers. Matt and I (and all the other PC volunteers) are safe and accounted for. Unfortunately we do not know about our island. We have not been able to reach any of our friends on Kioa for over 48 hours. Last update was 2 days ago, we were told that the wind was 175 kilometers per hour and the roof of our falekaupule community hall was blown off before the eye reached our village and the storm surge reached the nursing station (which is the highest point in the village and where we go for tsunami warnings) so it doesn't look good. We are told to expect devastation. Our friends are extremely resilient but we are still praying they are safe and sound. The military has declared our area a disaster zone and closed the road (4 hour bus ride) to the Buca Bay where we catch a boat to Kioa so we aren't sure when we will even be able to return home. Power came back on last night and we will stay put until we hear anything about Kioa. We are hoping Matt can fly to Suva when the airports open so we can at least be together. Again thank you for your prayers. We love and miss you (too) much! ~ Kelly & Matt


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