Kelly’s Fiji Update – March 8, 2010

It has been a busy couple of weeks, here is a summary – we survived another tsunami warning with just a 500 foot sea recession to a sea wall surge in 3 minutes. Mataio and I passed the intestinal worms test but our water not so much ~ testing positive for fecal matter and bacteria … but not typhoid! Yeah? One of our dearest friends, Vovo, passed away due to a heart attack and the community is still mourning the loss. I am on my way to Suva for yet another workshop this time for the Ministry of Health and Mataio is holding down the fort. We are continuing with work, celebrating of the grand opening of both the classroom and teachers quarters opening (donated by the EU) and making presentations on water and money management. We miss you so much but find comfort in our work. Time is flying so fast, we will be home before you know it!! We love you!! ~ Keli & Mataio
Lessons Learned
My wrinkles show that I have lived and laughed (a lot).
My thighs are way too close together.
My belief in God allow me to live in freedom, not fear and in appreciation, not obligation.
You know the plane is too small when passengers are rearranged for weight and balance.
Speaking in a foreign language allows for your foot to fit more easily in your mouth.
Why would I compare myself to you when I challenge myself to Jesus?
Shaving my legs makes me feel civilized again.
Homemade biscuits are the key to Mataios heart.
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Mataio and his compadre's trying to get better radio reception during the tsunami warning.

Aviu & Keli.

Mataio presenting on water.

Keli presenting on Money Management. 

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