Hepatitis Soup


Hopefully the PC qualification
process is over!
  After three
HPtbAB skin/core/body ‘whatever’ tests I finally came up negative.
  I was starting to wonder if I hadn’t
been quite the prude I thought I had been in college.
  Regardless, the medical part is over, for now.  From reading the recent Fijian blogs I
am wondering if the medical staff in DC isn’t sipping too much KAVA or
  They process paper work
about as fast as Obama spits out facts (D’s translation:
  very slow).  The paradox of it all is that if Obama Hussein wins he might
actually improve the Peace Corps.
This is the strange conundrum I live in at the moment….Struggling to find God’s will, pushed internationally but not knowing where, endless efforts
to find opportunities to compare with Peace Corps,
  frustrated with the liberal vocal chords of the socialism,
upset with the conservative capitalist messing with free markets, and all the
while complacent with my job.

It is clear we are called to GO
from this great land, but we are just not sure where.
  I just hope wherever we land we can live with love and grace
and free from judgment.
  The world
needs the freedom I have gained through the blood and wisdom of my forefathers
and I owe this to them to display it with dignity, humility, and honesty.
  I’m just not sure the representatives
prior have done the same.
  This is
my prayer. 


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