The Immaculate Acronym


Before my quiet time this morning
I stopped and prayed specifically for the spirit to use the words I was about
to read to impact my life and give me tangible tools to use in my everyday
  The passage I read was
Ezekiel 1:4-28.
  It was about vivid
and lucid visions God gave Ezekiel.
Maxwell broke the passage down into the components of a genuine God
given Vision:

  • Image
  • + Change
  • Future focus
  • from God
  • chosen People

I try to memorize the steps
Maxwell often breaks down so one of the easier ways for me to memorize is creating
acronyms or acrostics.
  This is the
acrostic I developed from the steps.


I was blown away when the letters
formed the very
vision I was seeking
God’s confirmation on, the Peace Corps.
It may seem I cherry picked the letters above to make this, but I can
attest this was totally random and sequentially followed the thought pattern
the spirit was leading me through.

Later that day I received a
message from the Peace Corps advising me my medical status had been cleared and
I was approaching the last steps to ‘invitation.’

It is times like these I realize
how important listening and slowing down is.
  Often I rush through my quiet times finding only a few
moments during them when I am totally 100% concentrated on listening to God.
  He wants to speak to me like the above
at all times but the powers and principalities invade our senses and thoughts
with distractions.
  I am thankful I
have a God who chooses to speak to those who desire him and want to listen and
gives us the choice to do so.
does not hide, he is omnipresent.
I just need to awaken.


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