Student Loans


Today the last student loan
payment was made.
  This journey
started 32 months ago with $124,231 in debt looming over our heads.
  It is now down to $12,450 in one car payment
that thankfully is about even.
other debts have been paid.
  It is
quite a peaceful feeling of weightlessness to say we no longer have debt.
  I never thought I would see it within
10 years of graduation but it is a testimony to God’s faithfulness and hard
work. During the last 32 months we have tithed and given more than any other
time in our lives and God has rewarded our commitment to him several times over
through not only financial blessings, but marital, family, health, and
relational blessings as well.
are more mature in all facets of our lives and ready for the next big
  Whatever it is,
hopefully it won’t quite put us in the hole like London did!


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