Kelly’s Update – December 21, 2009

Talofa and Merry Christmas!!


I hope this finds you celebrating with your loved ones. We are preparing for Christmas on the island and still recovering from a busy week. Cyclone Mick came and went … there was some wind damage, unfortunately Mataio's garden flooded, and we are now under typhoid and dengue fever warning – but other than that we are ok! Thank you for your prayers! Then the sun came out and Mataio started his canoe making with the assistance of Papa. (Really Mataio is assisting Papa… as you will see by the photos.) 


I couldn't bring myself to take photos of the next two events but felt they needed to be shared … Someone broke into the new school addition (funded by the EU) and pooped on the blueprints … scandalous! We have yet to find the poop-etrator but the local policeman is on the hunt! And all week we kept noticing all these naked little boys under the age of 4 years …. I figured it was due to the heat, but actually Tupata circumcised all of them and they can't wear pants. Apparently when they can wear pants the community celebrates with a feast – imagine that! And finally we celebrated Tomasi and Rosie's wedding! 


This week we are getting ready for the arrival of the Tuvalu Prime Minister and then Christmas!!! YEAH!!! We love you! Keli & Mataio


Lessons Learned

It is amazing what you can get done, when you have nothing better to do.

If you hear hammering … get ready for a hurricane.

It doesn't really matter what you possess but it does matter what you value.

I am blessed to own nice things and I must do my best to make sure the nice things don't own me.

My house might blow away, but I will always have a place to go home to.

When I grow up I want to live somewhere that requires a big fluffy jacket and a fireplace!


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