Kelly’s Update – December 11, 2009



Today is our 200th day!! We are celebrating with a good old fashioned Kioan pineapple-binge! It is only 10am and we have already eaten 2. Yum! It is great to be back on our little island and we are busy preparing for all the holiday parties. We had our first yesterday for the Children's Sunday School. It rained the entire time but didn't stop the games, swimming and feasting. The adults took shelter under a gigantic rock and the kids frankly didn't even notice. I'm glad it doesn't "feel" like Christmas because I would miss you even more, which seems impossible!!! 

We love you! Keli & Mataio


Lessons Learned

Hearing is not listening.

To be a light unto the world, something in you has to be on fire!

Jesus doesn't need me… but thankfully he wants me anyway.


Kelly Roy

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