2009-10-14: Water Project

Much progress has been made lately on the water project. The main
reservoir new supply pipe has been installed in addition to the small
spring catchment structure. All that’s left is burying the pipe and
finalizing the new connection to the main reservoir.

The cuba tank supply catchment has been enlarged and now matches the
design of the new source for the main tank. The spring catchment
consists of a small damn with a square box about 18” x 18” in the
center. The box has ½” entry holes along the perimeter with a
stainless steel mesh protecting the entry points from leaves and
debris. A concrete lid encloses the box, which feeds water to two
pipes. Both pipes have valves. One pipe is for draining the small
reservoir and the other feeds the tank.

Environmental impact is very low as the existing creek contours are
utilized for the reservoir body. Only about 3-4” of dam is required
to get a good flow of water through a 2” pipe.

After a brief consultation with the land-owner about which trees were
most valuable, quick clearing was made of the spot for the new tank.
In about 30 minutes, four trees fell and the vegetation cleared. The
engineer from Labasa quickly measured out the circumference and the
day’s work was done.

Workers don’t have to worry about going hungry as each time a coconut
tree fell the bountiful harvest of the young nuts where quickly
gobbled up. The mature nuts where also sliced and diced for their
tasty meat.

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