2009-10-09: Water Project

After several weeks of delay the water project has finally started.
The Rural Water Supply Department of the Fijian Government is
providing the materials and 6 workers for the project. The islander’s
are providing the manpower of about 50-60 men.

The project consists of two phases. Phase one is building a 25,000
gallon water tank for one half of the village, and phase two is
installing a new supply pipe for the existing large tank. Yesterday
the village workforce, also known as the Lima Malosi (translated at
strong arm), hauled gravel, sand, and cement to the site of the new
tank. When this group decides to do something don’t get in their way.
There was a steady stream of men hauling materials most of the
morning and they made short work of the task.

Today, the Lima Malosi group was allowed the day off to harvest food
from their gardens. Sunday is Children’s Day and much preparation is
needed for the upcoming feasting. The Fijians worked on building a
water collection box at the new supply spot feeding the existing tank.

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