The Road Trip that never was …

We are supposed to be spending a long weekend in the mountains in a town called Ta’if. But in between Jeddah & Ta’if lies Mecca. If non-Muslims are found in Mecca they can be executed. We decided that didn’t sound fun so we opted to use the non-Muslim bypass to get around. This route doubles the travel time since it adds an additional 70 miles to the trip. We got about 8 miles from our hotel and the road was closed so we literally had to turn around and go home because there is no other road up the mountain. Quite frustrating but we didn’t let it get us down and enjoyed seeing a truer picture of Saudi Arabia outside of the city! Which means lots of camels, sand, & tents…

2013_0523_Jeddah_1 2013_0523_Jeddah_2 2013_0523_Jeddah_3 2013_0523_Jeddah_4 2013_0523_Jeddah_5 2013_0523_Jeddah_6 2013_0523_Jeddah_7 2013_0523_Jeddah_8 2013_0523_Jeddah_9 2013_0523_Jeddah_10 2013_0523_Jeddah_11 2013_0523_Jeddah_12

water park built into the mountains.

2013_0523_Jeddah_13 2013_0523_Jeddah_14 2013_0523_Jeddah_15 2013_0523_Jeddah_16 2013_0523_Jeddah_17 2013_0523_Jeddah_18 2013_0523_Jeddah_19 2013_0523_Jeddah_20 2013_0523_Jeddah_21 2013_0523_Jeddah_22 2013_0523_Jeddah_23

thousands of buses to take pilgrims into Mecca.



the Koran held up by machine guns.