2011-12-11: Blood

In an effort to save sea turtles in Tuvalu I’ve started biking to work.  Yes, I’m that naïve to bolster my self-importance to the level of controller of all things on this planet despite the fact that there is no reliable and unflappable proof of such a fact.  Regardless, the point is I’ve begun a route of a 20-mile round trip commute to work two days a week.  I’ve read it is good to have emergency medical information on you in an easy to find spot in case left incapacitated from an unfortunate incident.  Thus began my search for my blood type and the purpose of this entry.

I’m an O+.  I remembered learning the donor types in baby preparation classes at the hospital and decided to do a quick refresher on which types I could give and receive to.  Here are the results courtesy of the American Red Cross.

Blood donor recipient

O is the universal giver and AB is the universal receiver.  The next figure slapped me in the face and I digested the statistics.

Blood types

The average of all O’s is 48% and all ABs is 4%.  The balance is 46%.  In summary, an overwhelming majority of all people are universal givers and not takers. God decided that a majority of His creation would be hard wired to give rather than receive.  The hard wiring of our hearts was not so fortunate with the fall of man and now sin separates us God and his original design.  Despite this our core DNA still shows evidence of His creation.  All of this is a good reminder to me to be a giver this season rather than a taker.  More importantly, my focus of this season has been redirected to the birth of my Creator who ultimately gave all so I wouldn’t have to.