2011-10-09: Museum

Yesterday I committed to conquering a few museums on my list but not on Kelly's. First up was the National Building Museum. The massive columns and shear magnitude of the center core was worth the trip. The exhibits however were not.

I then tackled a quarter of the first floor of the Smithsonian Portrait Gallery.  For lunch I brown bagged it in the enclosed courtyard. A parabolic skylight system covers the classically stone clad surroundings making for a unique and memorable feeling of space. This is becoming a trend. I tend to like the buildings more than the exhibits.  By this time the t.u. Oklahoma game had started so I found Capitol City Brewery a few blocks away. The brews here are very tasty. I highly recommend a stop here. Unfortunately, an obnoxious t.u. fan and Oklahoma’s lopsided walloping caused my interest to fade quickly. 

I headed back to the Smithsonian to complete the first floor. Afterwards I made my way back home enjoying the beautiful fall weather. 

Looking back on the day revealed how I reflect much more on my faith and others when in the urban environment. Going through the day forces interactions with others without the veil of windshields and steel car doors. The five senses are engaged in the context of others forcing you to engage them in small but important ways. This doesn't happen in the commuter environment. It is easy to bubble myself and sanitize my environment. I like being forced to engage in the environment often against my will. It is easy to represent a false self in a managed and controlled environment.

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