2011-07-28: Cats Outta the Bag

Family, well most of them, know now that we are considering Foreign Service.  I’ve yet to tell my side, which happens tomorrow.

I’m enjoying getting back into blogging and having an interesting subject to write about.  Peace Corps was always so creative and interesting thoughts naturally flowed. 

Since returning home, I haven’t really feel comfortable about exposing intimate details about Malosi, but I guess I could write about all the stuff she does in general terms.  She is quite talented. 

Work is just work and not much to interest the writing brain cells there. 

So, I guess I’m back in the saddle.  Hopefully, my blog skills come back to me soon and I can start writing in security sensitive general terms to make the experience I’m going through general enough to be publishable to the universe while meaningful to those willing to spend the time reading it!  I’m sure a disclaimer will be required soon….

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