2011-01-31: Gardening Begins

Despite being a stone’s throw from Central Market and being able to by as many leafy greens as I want any time of day for half the price I paid in Fiji I still have the garden bug implanted in me while in the Peace Corps.  Thankfully that is the only bug I know of I brought back.  

My first step in the Western garden challenge was building a real compost bin.  I may have overdone it a bit as my design experience was tailored for repelling rabid dog herds and curious club bearing village children.  The most challenging foe this bin has are curious squirrels, whose days are numbered anyway.

The sides are made of plastering mesh with a top of translucent plastic.  The frame is untreated 2×4’s which I found in the back alley.  Next time I will get treated wood and make the bins a bit smaller.  These are about 2’x3′.


Despite a few weekends of sub freezing temps the garden is still kicking. Growth rates however are nowhere near Fiji (despite not having cyclones, floods, and devil chickens).  I have noticed evidence of vagrant trespassing across my rows.  I now have access to advanced projectile weaponry (no more rocks and sling shots) and will eliminate all garden invaders on site.  


I almost bought a nursery starter at the hardware store for $6 but quickly re-gained my senses and dug a few free starters out of the recycling bin.  Old fruit bins, juice and yogurt containers, and an egg crates make handy growing vessels.



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