2010-11-24: O Fiji Where Art Thou

I was attacked today by swarms of mosquitoes.  As I swatted the little beasts my mind raced back to the yonder years of Fiji.  It seems like decades since I was applying mosquito repellant three times a day and always keeping a sweat rag in my pocket to wipe excess moisture from my brow.

I did a quick browse of the blogs and found my internet connection not cooperating.  This created a brief state of panic and I started worrying that the swirling ceiling fan overhead and light bulb where just a mirage, and I was indeed back in the land of skinny cows and plump dalo.  Suddenly John and Leslie’s blog loaded and all was back to normal.  As I perused their final farewell pics in Fiji I noticed one of a man in a chicken suit on top of a fire truck.  This picture was taken during the celebration of Rakiraki becoming a town.  We in American do have our fair share of useless celebrations, but I can’t recall the last time anyone had a parade for a village becoming a town.  Regardless, there I saw the ‘fire chicken’ standing firm on top of the Rakiraki ‘Town’ fire truck and my mind raced back to the ‘crime free’ celebration in Savusavu a few months back. 

I was in town gathering quotes for a Kioa project when Brian called and said he was there helping his village crime free committee support Fiji’s crime free day.  The only problem was none of the villagers on his committee showed up.  So he had to endure the crime free parade complete with, yes, you guessed it, Mr. Fire Chicken.  It was about 85 degrees outside and the highlight of the ceremony was a man dancing in a chicken fire suite.

When I saw fire chicken on the Leslie and John’s blog I laughed so hard I almost cried.  I then thought, this would make a great blog!  But then I realized I hadn’t blogged in four months and I may have forgotten how to right in complete sentences.  After all those thoughts were cleared and I created the entry you see now, I realized it really isn’t that funny of a story to an outsider.  It is one of those, you have to know Fiji stories.  In then end, I guess that is one of the things I really miss about Fiji; viewing very weird and funny things from the western perspective and sharing it with other westerners and then laughing about it later as we share a common bond of understanding of just how weird and funny it really was.

Fire chicken


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