Miss/Won’t Miss about Fiji List

Things I will miss:
• Never having a case of the ‘Mondays’
• Sound of the ocean as our backyard
• July weather
• Freedom from August in Texas
• Kioan Church Choir
• Isopo, the Pastor’s smile
• Ofati’s smile
• Sikiti’s singing
• Malaki’s laugh
• Volunteer’s invading restaurants
• Sally’s missing filter
• Brian’s advice
• Kara’s volcano of positivism
• Sean’s heroic patience
• Rose’s frankness
• Jonasa’s greetings
• Moss’s quiet strength
• Chris’s dry sense of humor
• Nan’s service
• Jaclyn’s purity
• Garrett’s wisdom
• Brett and Mike’s cigarettes
• Graham’s hair
• Christian’s wandering eye
• Monte’s humility
• Lydia’s free spirit
• Gloria’s heart
• Turani’s faith
• Courtney’s smile
• Goldman’s nose for deals
• Scott’s humor
• Niko’s niko-ness
• Sat’s sat-isms
• Todd’s instant assessment and solution in any situation
• Jules’s ability to verbalize awkward situations
• Throwing rocks at roosters
• My garden
• Watching the kindy student’s two hour commute to school

Things I will not miss:
• Mana birds having early morning tap dance parades on my roof
• Listening to amplified music rumble throughout the village all night
• Having to listen to an hours worth of speeches from old men at every ‘party’
• The Pastor’s yelling during church
• Maka’s wife beating Malosi, Sikiti, and Bale repeatedly with bamboo sticks
• Running stomach after every village meal
• Chainsaws at 6am
• Nofoaga’s cheeky behavior
• January weather
• Waiting an hour for a burger at Decked Out
• Applying insect repellent three times a day
• Mosquito net
• Getting bit by mosquito’s while inside a mosquito net
• Double beds
• Cold showers
• Hurricanes, cyclones, and tropical storms
• Roosters
• Fibre boat rides
• Fibre boat motors not working in the middle of a trip
• Fibre boat passengers sharing smokes while sitting on 20 litre gasoline tanks
• Australian tourists

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