2010-06-20: Comfort

It is Sunday and I am at the Labasa Airport awaiting my flight to Suva for the connect conference. In this trip, which started Friday, I have been constantly reminded of my sinful desire of seeking comfort above all else. Everything in this country points away from my Western framework of comfort. My innate desire for peace and quiet, cool air, freedom from demonic mosquitoes, flies, and critters, wide personal space, nutritious food, cold drinks, and access to information are on trial each day. This trial has ultimately pointed me toward Jesus. As Jesus is the only source of comfort I can find several times during the day. There is simply nowhere else to turn. How hard is it to find such a void of comforts in the Western World! What a great tragedy that my 26 year relationship with Jesus hasn’t transformed my heart beyond such trials. And ultimately how amazing is the grace gift provided to me, despite myself, to know these truths and respond to His love pursuit in kind.

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