Kelly’s Fiji Update – June 26, 2010

Apologies for the delay, it has been crazy the last 2 months! I have been on other 3 islands training the new volunteers and then doing workshops in other Peace Corps villages. I put together some family budgeting and small business materials and have been sharing that. (We posted them on the blog if you want to see them - I have loved getting to see other parts of Fiji, meeting lots of new people, and of course keeping busy … makes the time go by faster! ;o) We just finished an All Vol conference and it was great fun seeing all 65 of the volunteers, sleeping in nice beds, and eating amazing food. But tomorrow we head back to Kioa and are actually looking forward to getting back to island time. 

We love you! Kelly and Mataio

Lessons Learned

Leadership is proven, not proclaimed.

Time is elastic, days drain slowly but months fly by.

Faith without action… I can believe in CPR but unless I perform it when it is needed, what good does it do?

I don't want to tip toe through life only to arrive at death safely.

I'd rather live Christianity than study it.

I am surrounded by unbelieving activists and inactive believers, not sure which is worse.

I get asked all the time "How can God allow all of this poverty and hunger?" ….  I'm pretty sure He asks us the same thing.

If you think The Church is just a building, then I guess Matt is a 2×4 and I am a cinder block.

Kelly Roy

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 I assisted Melissa and her women's group with opening a bakery.


After we finished with the bakery, the women made their sons come learn about budgeting and money management. ;o)


Selote and her kiddoes!


Business workshop in Jule's village on Ovalau.



Jules is doing a World Map project with her kids… here we are "touching it up"!   

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