Manuia te Matua!!! Happy Mother’s Day!

We are back. Things are pretty slow as most of the leaders are in the country of Tuvalu until mid-June but that doesn't mean there aren't any festivities!!! The month of May is dedicated to the moms, as it should be. They have just concluded a week long slumber party in the community hall with lots of feasting, celebrating, and dancing. These ladies let their hair down and it was quite the party!! 
In other news, Matt and I are heading to Suva this weekend to prepare for the arrival of the new PC volunteers. Yes, it has been one year. I can hardly believe it!! In celebration of one year down and only one to go I wrote a list of my top things I will or will not miss….
Things I will miss…
1. The kids. If I named them all separately it would take up the entire list, but a special shout out to Lika, Tomu, Caro, Malosi, Sikiti, Bale, Kiti, Faga, Aviu, Gili, Alfi.
2. My Kioan Moms – Filo, Fani, Tealiki, Luisa, Susan, Lima, and Atala.
3. Snorkeling in my backyard.
4. The singing – the fatele's and the church choir.
5. The bluest sky on planet earth.
6. My new PC volunteer friends, obviously.
7. Getting to spend 24/7 with Mataio.
8. Reading a book a day.
9. Filo's homemade bread.
10. Island time.
Things I will most certainly NOT miss…
1. Creepy crawlies. Again, if I named them all separately it would take up the entire list, but to name a few: mosquitos, rats, roaches, ants, chickens, roosters, jellyfish, and wild dogs.
2. Listening to my neighbor beat her children.
3. Wild dog fights and dogs biting kids.
4. 2am fish fries at our neighbors after they killed all the sleeping fish in our reef.
5. The highest humidity on planet earth.
6. Trash and no recycling.
7. Brain rattling bus rides.
8. Being away from family.
9. Dead religion and legalism.
10. Island time.
Lessons Learned
If you leave your house for too long, the bush will overtake it.
Salvation is immediate, sanctification is a process.
Jesus is my master, not my mascot.
My life isn't to focus on my rights, but rather my responsibilities.
We love and miss you. ~kelly
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