Kelly’s Fiji Update – April 7, 2010


I hope you had a wonderful Easter. We miss you most during the holidays!! We celebrated with 6 PCV friends coming for a visit and then the President of Fiji came for a brief tour of the island on Wednesday. He surveyed the damage caused by cyclone Tomas and gave words of encouragement to the community. He thanked Matt and I for our service and was very supportive of Peace Corps. I'll be honest, it is nice to hear that every once in a while! ;o) But we are MOST excited about my parents coming TOMORROW for a visit and then we will travel with them on to New Zealand!!! YEAH!!! 

We love, love, love you! Kelly & Matt

Lessons Learned

Thankfully, bad days are as close to hell as I will get.

Am I trying to pray myself out of a situation I behaved myself in to?

God can still use me in my disobedience, it is just a bit more painful for me … but not Him.

People that always want to go deep are often shallow.

I can either worship my money or worship with my money.

Kelly Roy

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Mataio's garden had one sole survivor Post-Tomas. We named it "Papa" after our favorite tomato-grower! 



 Cleaning all the dead leaves out of the gutter during a rain storm.




 The president of Fiji visited us to see damage caused by Tomas.

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