Kioa Update After Cyclone Tomas

Matt hired a truck and boat yesterday and made it to Kioa last night. He just called from the satellite phone with an update and a list of supplies to bring. There was lots of damage, but everyone is ok! They still don't know a final count on how many houses are down but Matt said anything built by the government is still standing but bures and umus (traditionally built houses) are completely gone. All vegetation is gone, he said it looks like a desert war-zone, stark contrast to our green utopia! They got the generator to work and the water to run. Thankfully we completed the rain catchment project (donated by Fiji Water) as that water is safe to drink and there are plenty of tanks to supply water for everyone – typhoid will just have to find another village! No word yet on the communication tower and Matt doesn't want me to come until communication lines are open because the road to Buca Bay is so bad it is highly possible I could get stranded with a lorrie driver. I will get to Savusavu on Saturday and stay with Jacyln & Hannah (PCVs) until he can come get me. The Australian and New Zealand government have already started delivering relief items to the islands. Matt said everyone is helping everyone and working hard, so it just might be all put back together by the time I get home!!! And then I can just spend my time hugging people!!! ;o) Thank you again for your prayers and support. WE LOVE YOU!!!

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5 comments on “Kioa Update After Cyclone Tomas

  1. Thank you for your information , we are family of the taulia family ,actually my daughter married David’s son Jonathan late last year on Kioa , we are still unable to make any contact so it is good to know that everyone is Ok from your blog once again many thanks
    Marj Pou New Zealand

  2. Thanks for the post, glad to hear things are ok there. I’ve been sorting my footage from fiji and found some good Kioa stuff. I’ll be putting together a Kioa-specific video at some point but if you want to have a sneak preview check out
    …it may take a while to load. the kioa stuff is in the second half of it.

  3. hey Mataio thanx alot for the blog….that is really true…it is very hard to connect to the families back in kioa during the cyclone….but glad to know from your blog that everyone are doing fine….
    once again fafetai lasi
    Petcy Fousanga

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