Kelly’s Fiji Update – February 4, 2010


I hope you are settling into your new year. We are back to work yet trying to do a little as possible in the heat. It is 95 degrees, 100% humidity, no breeze, and no water. We have been without water for 4 days, but praise God it rained last night so we could shower today!! Woot! I apologize for not taking many photographs. My favorite lens fell victim to the humidity and had to spend a little quality time at the Canon Service Center (Thanks Dad!). We love you and miss you!! ~ Keli & Mataio

Lessons Learned

If I don't dry off after a shower than I can trick myself into thinking it isn't sweat 3 minutes later.

I can live on 1 bucket of water a day … albeit not pleasantly.

Is it more important to be right or righteous?

Yes there are many, many ways to cook rice but none of them taste like cheese.

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Mataio about to take his paopao out for a spin! It was low tide so he had to walk it out a bit.



YEAH!! It floats! Of course it might be the mandatory PFD … we can get sent home if we don't wear it at all times in the water.



No fish … guess it will be ramen for dinner …



Mataio's biggest fans. 



Apparently you have to catch a fish before it is an official paopao – so Papa had to do the honors! ;o)


And finally, this is me showing you how sweaty I am … each and every day all day!

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