2009-12-13: Cyclone #1

It has now been raining for a solid four days, off and on. Petueli mentioned yesterday that Fiji was under a cyclone warning and that it would strike today. I immediately called PC and was informed it was just an area of low pressure to the north of Fiji. I tried to check our radio but it only picks up a New Zealand station, and even that is hit or miss.

PC sent out a text today that the storm had developed further and Fiji was now under a cyclone warning. We packed some food and bags and are now waiting it out prepared to move to higher ground if necessary.

I typically enjoy weather events and love seeing them unfold from the plethora of media outlets available back home. From radio, web, to Double Viper Doppler 2000 on channel whatever, Americans have unparalleled access to accurate weather data. Here all I can do is stick my head out the window. We don’t even have clear sights of the skyline to see oncoming storms due to our nested location within two large hills. So, needless to say I’m quite frustrated at the moment to have no idea what is going on with the weather around us.

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