Kelly Update – November 30, 2009

I CAN NOT BELIEVE IT IS DECEMBER! We just finished a workshop in Labasa, celebrated Vaitupu Day in Kioa, headed to Taveuni for Thanksgiving and Matt's 32 birthday and now I am in the big city of Suva for peer support training. (Matt is back in Kioa … it is the first time we have been apart in 6.5 months, seriously EVERY MEAL has been together!! And I miss him already!)

All the shops have Christmas stuff out and the only thing on the radio is Christmas carols. It feels a little weird to hear songs about snow, fireplaces, and santa when I am sweating my brains out!! I thought for sure they would adapt Santa to wear a sulu and bula shirt in this climate but I guess they prefer the wintry look??? Mind over matter???

It is hard to be away from you this holiday season. We love you and think about you daily! ~Kelly

Lessons Learned
Are you waiting on God … or is He waiting on you?
It is easy to see God's power in the rain, but hearing that power on your tin roof will make you hit your knees!
If you put a bar of soap on the bed the bed bugs will be attracted to it.
My happiness is nothing unless it lines up with His holiness.
Waterfalls sound like traffic.

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Jim and Robin Kelly invited us for Thanksgiving dinner at !!! TOP NOTCH diving, bures, and FOOD!!!



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