A few updates from Kelly!


Talofa! E a koutou?


Whew! We just finished celebrating Kioa Day which marks the
arrival of the first settlers in 1947 and then 13 American students visited us
from their exchange program at the University of South Pacific. We are partied
out and have a slight case of island-fever as we haven't been off the island in
weeks! But most importantly, we miss you terribly! 


Lessons learned this week …

Your dream needs to become a reality when it
haunts you like a nightmare.

You can't lose your salvation because you
never deserved it in the first place.

If you plant the spike top of a pineapple
than another one will grow!

When there is no such thing as a
"store" you tend to use what you have.

Some people look for fights because they
don't believe in anything worth fighting for.

You know you go to bed too early when your
neighbor asks if you have problems with your generated electricity.


I get a little nervous at all the chicks checking out my man!!


Mataio building compost bin #2!


Kioa DAY!! She was one of the original settlers.






Just one of the reasons I am currently a vegetarian!!



A group photo of the study abroad students from University of the South Pacific and our Kioan ladies!!


Well, the honeymoon is over! We have been
here 150 days and most of the
big projects
are underway. Only 86 weeks left, so it is now time to work on the
real projects – just having simple
conversations … Needless to say, we are ready and excited for the next
phase of our service!! But we couldn't do it without your prayers, support, and
love. We miss you!


Lessons learned this week …

Potential is paralyzed without passion. 

Every time I finish another tube of
toothpaste I am closer to coming home.

When your husband cuts his ear open with a
crowbar – grab the nearest menstrual pad to stop the bleeding.

In Fiji, I am more likely to die from a
falling coconut than a shark attack.


The Lima Malosi (strong arm) workforce getting the water project done!


Mataio resting after all his "ear" injuries!


The Tuvaluan Church Choir!




We just finished a very busy week and weekend. We completed a tourism
workshop and then celebrated Teacher Day, Children's Sunday, and Fiji Day.
Every week the Kioans find something to celebrate – but 3 in
one week was a little more partying than I can handle!! Back to reality
today… working on developing a strategy plan for tourism after the input we
received from the community, computer tutoring tonight, and Mataio is working
hard on the water project because rationing makes me cranky and in his spare
time figuring out proper electricity charges since we are losing $5,000/year on
the generator or maybe we should install hydro-power?? He has also been busy
working in our garden planting not only veggies but a banana tree, 10 papaya
trees, 10 pineapple plants, etc. And last but not least, we also are
celebrating the fact that we got our trash down to one grocery bag per week –
even without recycling!


We are staying busy and doing our best to stay cool – but you are
constantly in our thoughts and prayers. We miss you!! Love, Kelly


Lessons learned this week …

Mosquito nets also keep out falling gecko poop.

If you feel like you have bugs crawling on you – than you do.

Without Jesus, you may be in the church but you aren't in the kingdom.

You know the prayer is too long when more than one person is snoring
(longest heard so far in Fiji 19 minutes)!!

Unfortunately tourism exposes inequalities. 

Nothing cures homesickness like Elevate and Round Up!!

During tsunami warnings, I am more likely to die from a
heart-attack while hiking to the top of the island than a wave hitting the


Just chilling at the top of the mountain during the 2nd tsunami warning!


Ahhhhh! Coconut juice – just what the doctor ordered!


Me and Taku


Mataio doing a little measuring for the ROCKET STOVE!




I hope you are having a great week. We have
just returned from Suva
for a training. The training was at the level we have begun to expect from the US government
in a third world country but the best was getting to see all the other
volunteers and hear their stories and projects from the last 2 months. We also
had a chance to restock – yeah! The only items available on our island are
fruit, veggies, fish and then we can purchase the basics – flour, sugar, eggs,
and powdered milk from a family-run canteen. So when we go to Suva we stock up on beans, nuts, dried fruit
and soap! Lots of soap! Two cold showers a day will keep the boils away! 


I was amazed at how much we missed our
island. I was so excited to leave but more excited to come back! We missed our
neighbors, the kids, and the "simple life". Mataio and Samalu seem to
think they have been successful in transforming me from a city-girl to a
nature-girl… but they don't see me hugging my non-working iPhone every night
before I fall asleep!


We love you and miss you!! Keep the updates


Lessons learned this week …

Fear is the boundary of your freedom.

Wearing a money belt makes me feel fat but
Matt feel safe.

Christians aren't malnourished, they are

During water rationing, we pray for rain but
don't have enough faith to bring the umbrella.

When traveling to the big city concentrate on
the 3 C's … cheese, chocolate, and cold drinks!




Thanks for all the goodies Mom, Dad, Rhonda, Linda, and Tom!!!


Kelly Roy



mobile 011.679.937.5958


visit us online @ http://www.kioaisland.org/

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