2009-10-16: Water Project

As much as I was impressed with the foundation, I was even more
impressed with the ingenuity and speed of the walls. The day after
the foundation was poured the crew erected the inner formwork for the
tank wall and installed the bracing. The form materials were tin
roofing iron hammered out to form a radius. The bracing were 2×3 and
2×4 wood planks.

The next phase was reinforcement. Here the workers used 2.5mm thick
chain link fencing installed in two layers tight to the form. Across
this they strung 2.0 mm galvanized tie wire in double layers about 12”
on center. The forming and reinforcing took about 3 hours.

Plastering followed this work and they knocked it out in about 4
hours. So by the end of the day the outer edge of the tank was fully
formed, reinforced and plastered. The inside plastering will be done
on Monday and the roof will start Tuesday.

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