Kelly’s Fiji Update – 092509


We pray you are up to your eyeballs in blessings! We just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary and my 31st birthday – twice – Fiji time and Texas time! Things are good here… getting hotter, getting wetter, and getting busier! We are in the middle of installing rain catchments, toilets, water reservoirs, websites, and looking at eco-tourism and bio fuel. In the down time we snorkel, hike, and feast. 

We are greatly enjoying our time and each day celebrate a micro-success on some level. The people are more and more receptive and we continue to learn more from them than vice versa! We are on our way to Suva for a week of Peace Corps training. It will be nice to hear all the stories from the other volunteers and to stock up on some Palagi food (beans, dried fruit, etc.).

I guess the lessons learned were a big hit – so here are a few twitter-worthy if twitter was possible!

1. Always wear a sports bra when riding the bus.

2. Don't let your husband play rugby in a third world country.

3. The best hair combs are made from old PVC pipe.

4. If you exercise people will call you fat. If you don't exercise then you will actually get fat and nobody will say anything at all.

5. You eat faster when you have all your teeth.

6. I'm not who I was but am yet to be who I will be.

7. There are good roots that keep you from slipping, bad roots that cause you to do some tripping, and fun roots that make for good jump roping.

8. I sometimes forget what color I am … but thankfully there is always a small child around to yell "Palagi!"

9. Copra is the same thing as coconut.

10. If you don't have teeth it doesn't matter what language you are speaking – I have no idea what you are saying.

11. It is perfectly fine to pick your nose and burp, but thankfully, farting is still totally unacceptable here!

12. Women can't wear shorts or pants, but men can walk around wearing nothing but a tiny piece of cotton.

13. There is never enough room at the table, but always enough food.

14. Every day is another episode of Lost, especially when you see the Others (which are really just Seventh Day Adventists from Canada.) 

I still can't believe we have completed our 4th month! I'm amazed at how quickly our service is going. We will be home before you know it but that doesn't help with the fact that we miss you terribly! Please keep the updates coming!! We love you!

Kelly Roy

mobile 011.679.937.5958

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