Kelly’s Fiji Update – 082009


We miss you so much! It is hard to believe that we have been gone 3 months and we are over 10% through our assignment! It seems like forever on one hand and just a few days on the other. We are adjusting to our site, learning the language, and eating too much food. Every day begins and ends with a knock on the door and someone bringing us baked bread, bananas, kumala (similar to a sweet potato), fresh fish, half a cow, etc. Their generosity is a force to be reckoned with! Since our garden is still in the beginning stages and we are busy protecting the small plants from chickens – I am trying to return the favors with baked goodies. I find it ironic that I had to move across the globe to start cooking, but Mataio is thoroughly enjoying it!

The winter (dry) season is in full swing as it dropped below 70 last night to a cool 67. I love seeing everyone in their down jackets and socked feet with no shoes. We are still wearing our usual clothes but it sure makes me miss hot showers!! Yes, we can boil water and do the bucket thing, but that is quite a hassle! I find the cold water shocks the system and there is no need for coffee!

We head to Savusavu, Vanua Levu at the end of the month, so I apologize that you will receive all these updates at the same time. The island only has one internet dial-up connection and it doesn't work with our Macs. We also have to power on the generator to use the island computer so like everything in Fiji, it requires great effort. ;o) We try to save fuel and only use it for island business. (Plus it is so loud your teeth rattle!) But sometimes I sneak of FaceBook while other webpages are loading!

Please continue to send emails and photos!! We miss you terribly and crave updates!!

Kelly Roy

mobile 011.679.937.5958



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