Kelly’s Fiji Update – July 24, 2009


We are official. We were sworn in as Peace Corps Volunteers yesterday at the Ambassador's residence. Training is over and we leave for our permanent site this afternoon! 

We are anxious to get started and excited that time is going quickly … we will be home before you know it! We love and miss you very much!

Kelly Roy


One of our many farewell ceremonies …


Matt, Same, and Turani made a village sign – using zero dollars of course!


It's official!


We are now Peace Corps Volunteers!

4 comments on “Kelly’s Fiji Update – July 24, 2009

  1. Mabuhay!
    Good Day. Komusta?(How are you?) Hope you are doing fine. I am Jane, a postcard enthusiast and currently blogging at:
    I’ve been reading your blog lately.
    I am currently working on a project called “Postcard Project 100″The goal is to received stamped and written postcards sent from the country itself. I am planning on presenting it to my history class, and I need your cooperation to make this project possible.
    Only one beautiful postcard to have this project grow. Hope you will be able to participate.
    Great Hugs and Thank you,

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