Kelly’s Fiji Update – July 2, 2009


Hope you all are well! Thank you for the updates!!! We miss you very much!! 

We just returned from visiting our future site. They only speak Tuvaluan so Fijian is out and Tuvaluan is in… Unfortunately it is a completely different language but we are excited about learning another completely different culture! The journey to the island was pretty rough, literally – everyone was either puking or being puked on. We were on that boat for 12 painful hours, in a truck on a dirt road for 2.5, and then another boat for 45 minutes. By my calculation it takes about 40-46 hours to get to our island from Fort Worth. 

The island is very different from Fiji, instead of the chiefly system they operate by a 13 member council which is elected every 3 years. They are very proud of their heritage, their music, their island, and the fact that their culture has not been affected by colonialism or sell out – tourism. We are the first PC volunteers on the island so they are very excited and so are we. We will finish up these last 3 weeks of training and then head that way for our 2 year assignment.

We love you!! Thank you for your prayers!

Fakafetai! Tofa!

Kelly Roy
mobile 011.679.937.5958


Matt, Samalu, and Loto with all our bags. After I took this pic 6 more Fijians jumped in for the 2.5 hour truck ride down a dirt road with potholes so big I could bathe in them!


Samalu and Mataio in front of our new home. The toilet and shower were added on and they decided to paint it pink???


Our backyard.


They still fish in the traditional canoe. The main compartment is a single piece of wood.

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