Kelly’s Fiji Update – June 14, 2009

Another week has been completed. Sundays are still my favorite but of course for different reasons. They take "day of rest" to a whole nutha level! No working, no school, no cleaning, no exercising – the only thing you can do is cook – and boy do they!!! Also it is against the law to listen to any music other than Christian, so the radio stations play a huge variety… every other song is in English and we even heard Third Day and Caedmon's Call. I will submit "Closer to the Start" to the station when we go to Suva. ;o)

Matt and I bought a hymn book so we could sing along in church. We know the melodies from home and having the Fijian helps us learn the language. Today they did a baby dedication ceremony and communion – they used a loaf of bread and "wine" but it was actually watermelon Tang. The pastor spoke on laziness and hard work. Most Fijians are not very motivated – community dependance does not encourage capitalism. Only 5% of businesses in Fiji are owned by indigenous people. So I found the sermon to be interesting…

We have had quite a week preparing the new community hall for a grand opening ceremony on Monday. Matt chopped down many a tree for lovo firewood and I cleaned, hung curtains, and laid down carpet (which is actually vinyl, but they call it carpet). They will slaughter a pig and cow tonight after midnight (since it is Sunday and you can't kill anything…) I love being around our new family and friends, they are extremely jovial and love to have a good laugh. At any time of the day, anywhere you are – you can hear people belly-laughing. I feel right at home and have had more than one person tell me that I am too white to have such a Fijian laugh. 

Our language is slowly but surely moving along. We know the basics and make many mistakes, but Matt's mistakes are usually VERY funny. For example, at lunch the other day Matt said the "masu" (prayer) before we ate and he said "Thank you God for letting us eat You" (instead of saying food) and 5 minutes later he said "Please pray for the juice" (instead of pass). Turani almost snorted juice out of his nose…

We miss you so much and are thankful for your prayers and notes! We love you!


Fijians only drink instant coffee. So we had to go to Suva (the capital) to buy real coffee beans yet couldn't find a french press so every morning Matt attempts (unsuccessfully) to make REAL coffee. Our host family finds it very funny!!!


Na is making seaweed jello – it tastes as good as it sounds…..

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