Kelly’s Fiji Update – June 10, 2009

Bula Vinaka!

We miss you so much! Thank you for your prayers, emails and letters!! We love getting news from home! Please send us emails and if you want to mail a letter, our address is:
Kelly and Matt Roy, PCV
Peace Corps / Fiji
Private Mail Bag
Suva, Fiji Islands
South Pacific

We are about half way through our training and cannot believe how fast time has flown!! We have learned so much and met so many amazing people. I am continually amazed at the joy and graciousness of the Fijian people. Not only have they opened their homes, stuffed our faces with food, endured our poor language skills, but they have clothed us in many, many traditional Fijian outfits. On several different occasions a gentleman has even taken his shirt off and given it to one of the trainees because it was mentioned he liked it!

We have school 6 days a week and have learned how to weave, cook, garden, plant trees, bee keep, fish farm, and build rain catchments and compost toilets (the latter I hope I never have to do)! We are working on a capacity building project for our current village and but are still in the info gathering / needs assessment stages. I love how we train trainers (locals) for sustainable development instead of dumping cash and walking away.

We find out our permanent site next week and then will head that direction in July. Matt and I are excited about getting started and having control over our schedules and food but will greatly miss our host family!!

We love you very much! Please send on, we can only send to a few email addresses! Sota tale!

Maciu and Keleni

PS – check out the photo album!


Me making bila, our village is famous for it. Unfortunately, it smells like cheese, tastes like rubber, and has the consistency of a fruit roll-up.


Matt and I in our matching sulu's.


Matt and Turani tree-planting!


Yes, that is me. Yes, we are wearing Bee-Suits. No, I will not be taking up the hobby…

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