Bula Vinaka!

All is well in the South Pacific.  We have finished our pre-service training and are fully engaged in the home stay villages.  We couldn’t ask for better families to stay with.  They keep feeding us tons of great food, although different, and are very hospitable. I can’t believe I have found people friendlier than Texans!  My hair lasted all of three days in the heat and humidity.


We spent the day at the ocean learning how to put on a life jacket and swim in the ocean.  It was our first view of the pond and well worth the hour long bus ride.  We had a nice picnic under the coconut trees and returned home.


The language is progressing nicely with most of the greeting vocabulary and a few sentences down.  We have 8 more weeks to go of language and technical training and then off to our villages.


I know everyone wants pictures so I will keep this one short.  Hopefully we will have some time to post on Monday.

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