Thirteen days.

For those FRE-8ers planning your trip
be prepared for a roller coaster.
When you get near to ship off emotions are high and low and the weirdest
things can set you off.
I’m past that but it is not easy condensing you life to 100 lbs and 130 linear inches,
especially if you’ve been out of school and working for 10 years.


We’ve successfully purged both
cars and now have no wheels for the first time since we where 16.
  Now I know what the other 91% of the
world feels like.
  I’m sure there
will be more of those awakenings very soon.

Highschool.matt and ford 16


We are preparing to move to Bob
and Janelle’s tomorrow then the big family gathering and proper send off on
  I think there will be
more people at this than Christmas!
Woo hoo!  Hopefully the
weather will stay nice and we won’t all give each other pig flu.


God has been preparing us
for Fijian weather the last few days.
It’s been 75-80 degrees, mostly cloudy, with 80% humidity for almost two
full weeks now.
  Thankfully we can
skip out on the Texas August this year.


We are starting our ‘last time’
  Last time to go to the
gym, last night in our apartment, last drive in the Element, you get the
  Humans are funny. 

2 comments on “Thirteen days.

  1. Family send off, how come I have not heard anything!! Anyway, good luck guys and have a great time I know that you both are going to do amazing work over there. We look forward to pics and stories often!!

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