Miles and Miles of Texas


Whew I’m
  We just finished part one
of our farewell tour of Texas with visits to five families, four cities, and
800 miles.
  It hasn’t rainedKellySnoozing
in six months but managed to rain every day of our trip.
  Thankfully I strategically purchased
the yota camper shell two years ago much to the chastizization of my wife who
said it made me look like an old man.  At least I don't snooze the whole time on road trips!!

  Boerne was a treat with my highlight
being the schooling 
received in 42 from Peggy and Leena.  These two put on a clinic with the
bones and were not scared to bid.
It seemed like a mark bid just got you in the game much less in the
  Thanks Leena for the new
sevens lay down method, it will save us hours in the future.
  Autry amazed us with his in depth
knowledge of all things basketball and fishing while we got a good dose of
hospitality from Peggy.  


On top of all that we had a guest visit from the late great William B Travis, commander of the Alamo.  He described in vivid details his last days defending the famed mission.  Remember the Alamo!…and don't scratch our flat screen TV with your sword, the Spurs are about to come on!





On the way to
Austin to see Michael and Amy Cece we stopped at Natural Bridge Caverns north
of San Antonio.
  I have wanted to
visit since the first time I saw the weird Donald Duck / Brontosaurus mascot as
a kid on the I-35 billboards between Waco and Fort Worth.
  Who said Billboards don’t work, ‘Just




The trip to
Manor Texas, east of Austin, was separated with a visit to Whole Foods market
and REI to stock up on Peace Corps gear.
It was good seeing Austin is still weird.

Our visit with
the Cece’s was much overdue, as we haven’t seen them for over two years.
  Michael and Amy live on 23 acres overlooking
rolling planes of lush farmland.
Unfortunately the rain hampered our planned expedition in the covered
wagon pulled by their trusty Belgian draft horses.
  Cece has become quite the Amish handy man and had a few plow
construction projects underway.

the way if ever in the metropolis of Manor, check out Ramos Mexican Food
Restaurant #1.
  The Mariachi band
was awesome and complete with trumpet!


Our next stop
was in College Station visiting the hostess with the mostess, Aunt Rhonda.
  Nobody can out due Rhonda’s
  We arrived to a
three-course meal complete with a choice between sweet and regular
  Seriously, even
restaurants don’t do that!
touring the new KBS headquarters we ventured over to baby-sit the triplets for
a little while.
  It was kinda of
nerve racking at first being responsible for three walking midgets, but after I
warmed up to them it was awesome.
We did a lot of reading, eating, and hand gestures.  Addyson showed me her tongue trick,
Brooklyn practiced for the 100-meter sprint, and Caitlyn chilled on Aunty
Kelly’s shoulder recouping from an awful ear infection.
  The real sitter who actually knew what
she was doing showed up for bedtime and we bailed to Gander Mountain.

We found a bunch
of cheap PC gear and Kelly chastised me for purchasing $8 dollar pleated slacks
and clip on shades.
  She didn’t
realize the pants where stain proof, wrinkle resistant, and only three years
from being back in style.
  The clip
on shades not only where gold tinted, but had a hinged flipping mechanism
allowing 90-degree movement.
is critical as in Fijian villages only the chiefs can where sunglasses.
  So if I seen a chief coming, I can simply
flip up the shades and say it is a rain visor for my nose.

We finished the
night at the Dixie Chicken sampling the burgers and other things, like
  It was good seeing the
décor unchanged but a little unnerving as the city recently passed an non
smoking ordinance I could actually see the ceiling… Strange things where
growing up there.
  We made it back
to the car before the parking meter expired, another unpleasant surprise, and
where safely in bed by 10:30.

It was great
seeing Kim, Scott, Scott’s folks, Mason, and Hudson the next morning at
  It seems like yesterday
Mason was in swaddling clothes and now is kicking soccer balls and trying to
figure out when he can start harassing his little brother.
  Soon, Mason, very soon!


We will miss
everyone very much and are glad all are in good health.
  It’s kinda sad you have to have a
reason like moving to Fiji to get up and make a tour of Texas!


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