25 Random Things About Kelly… previously posted on FaceBook.

1. I secretly have wanted to do this since I got the first one… but
thought who besides me actually reads them!!?? 

2. Matt and I are high school sweethearts – I asked him out in Art
Plus, we saw Toy Story. He was dating my friend, and I was dating his… 

3. I am not a native Texan (born in CA) – and Matt almost didn't marry
me because of it. 

4. I love kids, but don't think I will have my own "biologically". I
would rather foster 300 or so!
5. I have a tattoo and want another but Matt thinks they are tacky. 

6. Photography helps me see. I view so much more through my Canon than
my eyes. And the memory card holds so much more than my brain. 

7. I have lived in Paris and London. Loved both for totally different

8. Matt and I paid off $112,000 in student loans in 32 months so we
would be un-shackled for whatever God has in store. 

9. We are in love with God's body, the Church – and do as much as we
can at Fellowship Church Fort Worth. Come check us out!

10. I don't think I could do 90% of what I do without Matt, but 100%
without God. 

11. Matt writes, draws, communicates, and does just about everything
else better than I do, but I sure can giggle! 

12. I have weird dreams, and they usually happen. Which brings me to

13. My calling came from a dream in London… Woke up, literally saw a
stone wall in our flat. God told me to use my gifts and break it down
with fire. 

14. Matt and I have been praying for FC London since 2003. 

15. I love SUNDAYS, don't really care for Monday through Saturdays… 

16. I love where my new boss is taking us. 

17. I hate anything pink, but love my sparkly silver converse. 

18. I love to purge – not as in vomit, but giving stuff away, selling
in on eBay. It is my therapy and makes me feel skinny. 

19. Haven't had a TV for almost 2 years and it is the best thing we
have done for our marriage and time management. 

20. I only see my best friend every 2-3 years and talk to her only
every 2-3 months. But she is and always will be. Time is irrelevant. 

21. I have 3 degrees and am almost done with my 4th – but things keep
getting in the way for me to finish… 

22. I love to-do lists almost as much as I love deleting them. 

23. I worked for IBM for 6 years and now I am a total APPLE – freak. 

24. I only want to be in His will and I pray that I am. 

25. And yes, we have been asked by the US Govt to serve in the Peace
Corps. We are scheduled to leave for a 27-month assignment in Fiji May
19, 2009.

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