Circle 3 Dream


The following is a transcript
from a dream I had on February 14, 2006. And no, I did not recall this from
memory. I wrote it down the next morning.

I was with a group of teenagers.
I myself was a teenager and we where riding in a late 80’s Suburban. We went to
a place in the woods, somewhat like a church camp. We met several older ladies
who where excited to see us and revealed to us an ancient wooden table. The
table had several carved words and symbols.
  The only symbol I remembered was a 3 with a circle around
it. The circle was tight to the 3 and the font resembled Arial. I also remember
the name Sam Abrams carved below the table in an open drawer.

The next event I recall was
riding around with a body lying prostrate in the back.
  He was a teenager with weird Romanesque
style garments. He was unconscious at first, but when he came to he said he was
Jesus. I was doubtful at first and looked closely at his skin and hair to see
if he was real. He was real as ever and all the others believed.JesusWalking

Then we resolved our duty was to
take him to Heaven. Again, I had doubts whether we could take Jesus, who still
could not move, to Heaven. Someone got the idea that we needed books. Not good
books, but bad ones so we would know what not to do. We stopped and looked at
books in an open-air market. The only book I remember was a Hemmingway book
with a spiritual title, something regarding Heaven. Someone mentioned our
mission again, and I commented it would be hard to make it to Heaven with a
Jesus who could not walk. I looked over and he had gotten out of the Suburban
and was stretching his legs. End of Dream.

I am sure there is a lot to
analyze here and my trifecta Doubting Thomas qualities should definitely be
  However, before I call
in Oprah the entire reason I re-discovered this journal entry the
Holy Spirit showing me the circle 3 vividly again today.

The recall spawned from a Perry
Noble message I listened to yesterday regarding committing to Jesus instead of
  Then, this morning I read
about an Old Testament prophet who proclaimed to King Jeroboam that his altar
would split and Josiah would heap burning priests on him (1 Kings 13).
  King J wasn’t thrilled and reached out
his hand calling for his arrest.
 The King’s hand withered and froze in extension mode.  The King changed his tune and asked for
  Through the prophet, God
healed him and King J invited the prophet over for drinks.
  The prophet said God told him not to
eat or drink with others and return home on a different route.
  On the way a false prophet invited back
the prophet for food and drinks. He at first said no, but compromised after the
stranger said he was a messenger from God. God wasn’t happy and had a lion kill
him. The moral of the story was don’t compromise the mission God gives. 

Thus, it lead me to the three
C’s; turn from
Comfortable Compromise and run to Commitment
to Jesus.
  Then I remembered the
Circle 3 symbol in my past journal entries, which in turn lead me to the dream.
To make it even more confusing, the Creative Church Conference starts at
Fellowship tonight. I am not sure if God is mocking me or talking to me!
  It’s all interesting nonetheless.  I am off to find out whom Sammy is and
if Hemmingway ever wrote a book with Heaven in the title.

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