we trod through the great abyss between invitation and staging the human
condition is interesting to observe. The gamut of emotions are seen between
intense joy, wondering grief, unknown insecurities, and curious strength.
  At one moment you feel as if this
experience will allow you to change the world and become the super volunteer
you knew you always could be complete with ticker-tape parade and a letter from
the president. Then you feel as if you are toes over the edge into a bottomless
wormhole of despair that will point your life down a path of endless wilderness
wandering and bad teeth. 

course both are completely ludicrous and full of non-sense. The reality is it
will be what we make it and most likely somewhere in the middle. The other
reality is that it is Fiji. Yes, Fiji. Did I say Fiji? I find it hard to feel
too sorry for myself when everyday will be a post card shot of some of the most
beautiful scenery God has ever made. I also am humbled to great depths when
there are thousands of other men my age preparing for their third tour of duty
in a hostile desert full of death and destruction. Their bravery and commitment
is beyond my comprehension and I have the utmost respect for all they are
doing. Maybe I will have a glimpse into their genuine perspective of what true
service is after this is all over.

a great county this is. I have grown up in an environment where service is
defined, taught, and shown to all young people and they are forced to
  Where altruism is understood
and the free will to engage is up to the individual. Where all races and
religions have the open door to give back and help their fellow man. I shutter
at the thought of those who have never been taught these basic principals of
the right of free people. We are truly blessed to be Americans.


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