The Beginning


Helping others isn’t easy.  It requires sacrifice, time, energy, and commitment.  Servants often find the rush of energy when first embarking on a new adventure or opportunity, but it slowly fades as the glory and real work begin.  I have found it is at these times of exhaustion during a serving project that the real character within me is revealed.  Serving the past five years at Fellowship Church has taught me many things about people and myself.  There have been many times where walking away seemed the best route and giving up the only option.  It was through these struggles that what it meant to help others was revealed to me.  It wasn’t about me.  It was about them.  

Learning the essential selflessness required to be a committed volunteer also helped me see the adventure in volunteering opportunities.  During my graduate studies in London, England I found an inner city program for elementary aged kids called the Oxford O.K. Club.  Poor minority kids would come to this run down 75 year old gym hoping for a respite from their otherwise dark life.  Walking through the London projects on dark afternoons wasn’t one of my favorite activities.  It took a lot out of me just to get to the club each day.  It was always worth it though as I can’t even start to describe their looks of joy when someone would love them.  It was unmistakably consistent in even the most stubborn child.  Their thirst for a caring hand was immeasurable, even from an outsider white guy with a funny accent.

Peace Corps offers the ultimate opportunity to help others and experience adventure in regions of this planet that are thirsting desperately for hope and a chance.  I have been blessed beyond my wildest dreams at a young age and know now is the time to give back to others selflessly and abundantly. 


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