2010-06-28: Pregnant

Kelly is pregnant! We found out Friday, June 25th. I’ve been thinking about how to describe my feelings the past few days and haven’t landed on anything solid. I guess I figured I would be more euphoric or ecstatic. But neither of those accurately define the complex set of emotions coursing through my brain right now. Mostly I feel a sense of deep calm. It is almost as if my soul knew this was coming and everything I have done in my life has prepared me for this moment in time.

The fact that we are in a 3rd world country may have added a layer of complexity that otherwise isn’t present in most first time fathers, but my sense is that layer of complexity was designed and is very intentional. It is the beginning of our biblical responsibility to raise children that want and love to seek Jesus. My prayer is that our child will seek God’s will through a regenerate love affair. I ask God to give him/her the grace gift of faith that he/she may walk in good works that are already prepared before hand. I pray His craftsmanship in our child may reflect His depth of wisdom and beauty that points back to Him as the author and creator of all things.


4 comments on “2010-06-28: Pregnant

  1. Matt, This is the sweetest post. Congratulations to both of you. God has blessed your lives so much already and He will continue doing that with the new baby. From the bottom of my heart, I am so happy for you two.

  2. You are going to be the best father ever!!! I hope Kelly is good with kids…..we will just need to enroll her in some classes or something. Wait – she wrote the curriculum for the classes!!!
    Love Love Love!! Granelly.

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